Which violations are registered by traffic cameras

The list of violations registered by traffic camera systems is not fixed in the legislation. It is limited by the technical capabilities of the systems themselves. The more types of violations are recorded by cameras, the better they would fulfill their main task - to reduce the number of traffic accidents. Therefore, photo and video recording systems are constantly being technically improved.

The government needs to spend hundreds of millions of rubles from the budget once in order to create and develop a network of traffic camera systems in the region. With this money a staff of qualified specialists should be attracted, providing them with an expensive equipment, and a system for processing incoming data from cameras should be created.

Such a project is a quite difficult thing to implement, therefore, the state attracts private organizations. The interaction of private organizations and the state is regulated by concession agreements. We will tell you about such cooperation, about the each parties’ role and why letters with notifications about penalties come from private organizations.


What is fixed by cameras

All violations recorded by cameras are mentioned in Chapter 12 of the Code of Administrative Offenses –“Administrative Offenses in the Field of Road Traffic”.

The cameras automatically capture:

  • 1

    exceeding the maximum driving speed set

  • 2

    driving on public transport lanes

  • 3

    unauthorized parking

  • 4

    Passage of a crossroad on a red traffic light

  • 5

    Going to the oncoming traffic lane.

  • 6

    Stop line crossing

  • 7

    changing lane with a solid line intersection

  • 8

    freight traffic on highways further than the second lane

  • 9

    freight traffic in the left lane

  • 10

    turn and U-turn through the solid marking line

Everything depends on the system capabilities itself:

  • Mobile systems determine only overspeeding.

  • Mobile systems also record violations of parking rules and freight transport rules.

  • Fixed systems determine not only traffic violations, but also check car numbers according to the STSI for cases of search or theft, even if the driver of such a vehicle did not violate any rules.

Features of the issuance of orders from road cameras

For fines written on the basis of photo and video recording complexes, their own rules apply. For such offenses:

  • 1

    the driver cannot be deprived of the right to drive a vehicle

  • 2

    the maximum penalty amount will be imposed on the driver in case if the punishment for the violation involves the deprivation of rights

  • 3

    A minimum penalty will be imposed on the driver if the penalty for violation does not deprive any of rights.