What to do with penalties from traffic cameras?

Photos from traffic camera recording systems on the roads are being analyzed in several stages:

  1. этап 1

    First of all, they are checked in the data processing center of the Ministry of Transport of the subject of the Russian Federation

  2. этап 2

    then, they are rechecked in the STSI video recording center

  3. этап 3

    after that, the decision is sent to the violator by a letter.

Before paying the penalty, you should make sure that it is written correctly. This is important, since the presumption of innocence does not extend to violations recorded by automatic means of photo and video recording. This means that you will need to prove your innocence on your necessary own.

What should be checked in the letter:

Thanks to the multi-level control of each image, the error probability is extremely low. But it still worth it to make sure that the decision made correctly.

What should we pay attention to: What for
Check the penalty on the traffic police website Make sure that this is a real traffic police penalty and not a letter from scammers.
Time and place of the violation: Perhaps the camera recorded an violation that the owner did not commit or could not commit. For example, another person has been driving, or the car has already been sold, but not registered in STSI.
A photograph The picture should clearly show that this is your car and what is the violation. The car number must be readable.
A date of decision You can be held liable no later than two months from the date of violation.
Person who issued the decision: In order to know where to pay (not all fines are issued by the traffic police) and where to send an appeal against the decision.

What comes next?

It is better not to delay payment in case if there are no grounds for appeal.
The fine can be paid at a 50% discount within 20 days from the decision date using following ways.

You can appeal against the decision for ten days. If there is a good reason and documentary evidence, The missed period can be restored through the court. For example, a sick list or a trip. The violator will have two months to pay the fine after receiving a letter. It is not worth ignoring the decision - the case will be transferred to the bailiffs after 70 days, and if the amount of the debt exceeds 10 000 ₽, the violator will be restricted from leaving the country.