MVS Group - the largest traffic safety solutions provider


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MVS Group maintains the largest concession in the field of traffic safety in Russia.

More than 1500 traffic enforcement cameras and more than 800 speed control stations "Bezopasny gorod" in Moscow region are maintained by MVS

The company places the cameras in places determined by STSI ( (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate)

The traffic safety camera system is owned by the Moscow region.

The data from the cameras of MVS Group are sent to the STSI, which makes decision on the infliction of penalty. Penalties go to the Road Fund for the infrastructure costs financing.

Traffic safety

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Traffic accident reduction

The traffic cameras installation reduces the rate of accidents and mortality on roads at an annual average of 15 %

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MVS Group concession

the level of mortal accidents decreases by more than 10% per year after the installation of the traffic cameras on the roads of Moscow region

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Traffic cameras placement map

Soon there will be a traffic cameras placement map in the Moscow region